Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pictures and a posting (see post below for more info).

Armenian in pink.

Blue Armenians and some policia.

You go granny! And the black guy is coming in for the take down...

TAKE DOWN FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE! (At least 1d10+4 to those of you who know what I'm talking about.)

Don't fight with monks.

Poking dude: "Does it hurt when I poke it here?"
Hurt dude: "YES. STOP IT."
Black haired due: "Hmmm, interesting."
Old guy: "Poke him again. That was funny."

You can find some more info and a video here. <-- I just learned how to do hyperlinking!!

Also, movie night tomorrow. I have posters around. Go find them. If you find one and come to the movie night I'll have a prize for you.
When: 7pm, November 25th
Where: Clearihue A303
What: Robin Hood: Men In Tights

Here's a preview:

I think that's pretty funny.

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