Friday, July 6, 2007

Alumni Stories: Jesse

Jesse's Story...

My entry in the Medieval Studies program occurred toward the end of another Bachelors degree, in Mathematics. When I had started that program there had been some promise of employment opportunities which a few years later hadn’t quite developed as planned, so I entered a second degree with the specific intent of raising my academic credentials for entry into a Masters of Library and Information Studies - both in simple terms of GPA, and in terms of having a wider range of academic background to which I could refer.

I then went on to complete the MLIS at UBC between January 2005 (immediately following my last medieval course) and November 2006. I chose Medieval Studies as that degree to enhance my application credentials due to a combination of what one might call vested interest (my family are all of various Northern European descent, being Canadian or American for only the last three generations), appreciation of the wide range of scholarship within the one program, and more specifically being totally engaged by the MEDI electives I had taken mid-way through my BSc – more so than any other free electives.

Despite current qualifications as a Librarian, I am continuing to investigate opportunities to further enhance my Academic qualifications, as the field is just competitive enough that another Graduate degree would be a tremendous asset for upward mobility. To that end, I am looking into a manner of utilizing the skills, concepts, connections, and experience gained in the Medieval Studies program in order to devise some manner of Interdisciplinary research program as just one of several avenues.

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